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        Stains are one of the little encumbrances which occasionally pop up around the house. They appear on clothes, carpets, walls, lampshades, bathroom tiles, pets, and just about anything which is supposed to look spick and span. Beyond just ruining appearance, stains can be quite cumbersome to remove. This is because stains on different types of objects (e.g. clothes vs carpets vs walls) often require different types of stain removers. As such, removing them all can actually be quite expensive.

        However, a revolutionary cleaning product unveiled by Vince Offer is touted to significantly simplify stain removal by providing an all-in-one solution. Vince Offer – renowned for his catchy infomercials – has previously unveiled products like Schticky, SlapChop, and the top-selling ShamWow. His latest infomercial reveals a product which can effectively remove all types of stains in and around the house. This product is called the InVinceable All-In-One Cleaner.

        What is InVinceable?

        InVinceable is a multi-purpose cleaner which has the potential to replace many of the popular cleaning products found in a typical home. It can work as a stain remover – effectively removing stains across a spectrum of surfaces including clothes, carpets, pets, lampshades and walls. It can also work as a general purpose cleaner for sinks, tiles, bathtubs, floors, kitchen counters, ceilings, furniture and numerous other surfaces. InVinceable can also serve as a laundry booster; when you add it to your laundry water, supercharges you laundry – making it get cleaner, much faster.

        InVinceable is not a bleach, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemical ingredients. It is made out of purely natural ingredients which are biodegradable. As such, it removes stains without bleaching or damaging the fabric, carpets or any other surfaces on which it is used. The absence of harmful chemicals means that it can be safely used around children and pets. And the fact that its ingredients are biodegradable means that it is eco-friendly.

        How Does It Work?

        InVinceable comes as a concentrated tablet which is approximately the size of a quarter. When dissolved in ordinary tap water, the resultant mixture is a potent cleaning fluid which accomplishes the cleaning feats mentioned earlier. The tablets are shipped along with a specially built V-Tube spray bottle.

        To use InVinceable for stain removal, you simply fill they spray bottle with water, drop in a single tablet, and then let it dissolve. Once fully dissolved (in 30 – 60 secods), you cleaning fluid is ready to go. To remove a stain, you simply spray on it. The cleaner goes to work, breaking down the stain particles and causing the stain to slowly vanish. It is that simple. The spray bottle comes built with the V-tube technology which means it can spray even upside down. This comes in handy especially when dealing with surfaces like the ceiling which have to be sprayed while holding the bottle upside down.

        To use InVinceable as a laundry booster, simply drop two tablets into your washing machine. Once fully dissolved, the ingredients in the tablet will act as a super-cleaner, penetrating the fabric and removing all dirt and stains without damaging the fabric in any way. Basically, it is simple, safe and effective.

        The exact mechanism through which InVinceable works is not revealed in its promotional infomercial. Neither are its ingredients. However, one Invinceable reviewer with extensive knowledge of stain removal technologies made a postulation. The postulation was that the cleaner uses a process called oxidation – introducing oxygen bubbles to mix with the dirt particles in the stains, disintegrate them and then eliminate them. This causes the stains to vanish almost magically – without leaving the brightening effect which most popular stain removers cause (and most users loathe).

        What Are The Pros And Cons?


        It can serve as a multipurpose stain remover, cleaner and laundry booster. This makes it cost-effective since it can replace numerous cleaning products.

        It is extremely easy-to-use for stain removal. It’s simply a matter of dissolving the tablet in water, and spraying on the stained surface.

        Its pray tube is inbuilt with V-tube technology which means that it can spray even when being held upside down. This makes it effective for cleaning surfaces like ceilings.

        It contains no harmful chemical ingredients and can therefore be safely used near children and pets

        It is made out of natural ingredients which are 100% biodegradable. This makes it friendly to the environment and ecosystem.

        It comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. This gives enough time to test the product, and ask for a refund in case of dissatisfaction.


        It has a rather intrusive Privacy Policy. The privacy policy states that they can share your details with third-party companies “you may find interesting”. This has the potential for flooding you inbox with unsolicited emails. However, it is possible to opt out of the third-party sharing.

        Some users complain that the S&H costs are too high. There is a charge of $6.95 for each order of InVinceable. This is certainly on the higher side – given the overall size of the package. However, this cost is minimal compared on how much you would spend shipping the numerous cleaning products which InVinceable replaces.

        The Verdict: Is InVinceable Legit?

        In one word, YES! Is it a great deal? Absolutely! For anyone who is looking for a simple, efficient, cost-effective, safe and eco-friendly cleaning solution, InVinceable is the perfect choice. The fact that it can serve as a multipurpose cleaner makes it the perfect all-in-one cleaner to have in a home. Most InVinceable reviews written by early adopters are glowing with praise for this amazing product. One user called Ann Reis wrote the following InVinceable review:

        ““I was very impressed by how well the InVinceable All-In-One Cleaner was able to simply cleaning. I got a wine stain on my white blouse and thought that was the end of it. I used a few sprays on the stain and within a few minutes it was white again without a trace that anything happened. It literally dissolved the stain.”

        The best part about InVinceable is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Given the fact that the product works in a matter of minutes; 30 days is more than enough time to test its effectiveness. As such, if you are still a little skeptical after reading this review, why not try out the product for yourself? Place an order and check it out. If you don’t like it, you can always ask for your money back!

        Actually this is perhaps the best time to place an order for the InVinceable All-In-One Cleaner. This is because of a generous promo which is currently going on. Currently, one InVinceable starter pack contains a V-tube spray bottle and a set of 20 tablets. However, whoever places an order is currently receiving a bonus pack (with 1 extra spray bottle and 20 tabs). Basically, you get two for the price of one!

        This is likely to be a limited time offer. As such whoever wants to make the most of it needs to place their order ASAP. To place you order right away, simply click on the following link