Flex belt reviews $199

Flex belt reviews

  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight
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Having a trimmer and well-toned midsection is not just important for a beautiful and chic look but it is also even more important to your health given that belly fat is associated with heart diseases. However, shedding that bunch of fat in your stomach is easier said than done. For some people, months or even years may be needed before acquiring perfect abs. But most people just can’t wait that long.

Thanks to technology however, flatter abs can be achieved much faster these days. One of such devices that can be used for losing weight in the mid-section is flex belt. But just what is it? Can it help you lose weight and in what period? To answer these questions and more, join me as I review flex belt.

Flex belt reviews

What is a flex belt?

Flex Belt refers to an EMS device which has been designed to tone as well as strengthen your abs muscles. The term EMS means electrical muscle stimulation. The flex belt sends electrical signals to your abs which in turn cause the abs to momentarily clench before relaxing. To use such belts, there are some built-in training programs.

Generally however, it involves wearing the belt, plugging the belt in and lastly letting it to stimulate your abs. You can then embark on another task for one hour or so and the let the belt do its work. You will need to repeat these for 4-8 weeks and you can expect to see some results.

The technique behind it

This special belt uses muscle stimulation system that has been patented and which gives even branch out contradictions to every abdominal muscles as well as the external oblique. It is made up of 3 pre-positioned class II gel pads that have been authorized by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The manufacturers of this specific Flex Belt are vastly experienced, having been in the market for more than 40 years producing top grade EMS tools.

Therefore, users of Flex Belt can rest easy as this device is safe for use and will work on virtually all the parts of the abdomen. Not only are these belts durable but they are also guaranteed for their effectiveness. Research shows that the EMS technology is widely used by physical therapists in stimulating their patients’ muscles. Put differently, the system has proven that it really works.

During an average usage session using the flex belt, one will be provided with a maximum of 150 branched-out contradictions which make their abdomens to tighten and relax in an alternating fashion, which in turn gives them a full workout. The belt will give you deep but largely comfortable contradictions that allow you to engage in other tasks even as the belt works.

Using the flex belt, you can get total workout on your abdomen with results starting to be seen after 4-8 weeks. As opposed to most abdominal devices that only focus on the lower section of your stomach, the flex belt works on all the areas giving your body an even weight loss. And you can decide on the intensity of workout that you want thanks to flex belt controller feature.

If you are just starting out, you are advised to start with a low intensity workout as you progress slowly as this will avoid soreness that comes after intense workout session.

What it Feels Like

Like everyone else, you probably also want to know how a flex belt will feel when you wear it out. While it does not feel hugely comfortable, it gives you a rather odd sensation just like you would feel when you get small electric currents contracting your muscles. I cannot say that it is unpleasant but you are most likely going to be aware of it. You can get on with another activity, like going out for a brisk walk or even riding on a stationary bike.

If, however, you set a higher intensity, brace yourself for even more discomfort. You can move from level 30 to even level 85 in the first six weeks of working out. As you get used to it, you become more comfortable and you can get to level 95 in just another two weeks. The highest level is level 150, which is very attainable. Remember however, that any progression through the different levels must be gradual to allow your body to get used to the system.

How it works

Flex belt works by stimulating the abs muscles. It has various programs that you can perform to encourage muscle confusion and abs toning. Remember that performing different workouts improve your chances of dropping the pounds. If you are performing the same workout every day, your body is likely to get used to it quickly. What will happen is that it will develop a resistance to effects of the exercise.

Can you trust it and is it safe to use?

Given the high number of weight loss gadgets out there, it would be surprising if you did not worry about trust-ability of this product. As for Flex Belt, the answer to the above questions is a resounding YES. This is not because the manufacturer says so but because the FDA has approved this medical-grade technology. The FDA approval simply means that it has passed all the rigorous tests and is safe for use. As a warning, do not trust anything which FDA has refused to approve or which is not accompanied by research.

Flex Belt Pros

The fact that it has already sold more than 2 million pieces coupled with the rave Flex Belt reviews that it continues to get is a clear testament that people really believe in it and that its a genuinely trusted name. It also has more than 34,000 likes on Facebook, 25,000 Twitter followers and even some celebrities have pitched in to express their support. On the Amazon, it attracts a lot of positive reviews from people who have actually bought and used the product. With all these facts, there is only one conclusion: you can trust flex belt.

1. 2-Year warranty

For a product belonging to this category, 2 years is quite a long span of time. The manufacturers state on their website that should you not be able to realize the results you had hoped for after 60 days, you can return the product to them and get your money refunded in full. This shows you how the company trusts its product.

2. No need for aggressive movements

Many abdominal workouts exert much pressure on the back, something that can even cause injury. Flex belt works by stimulating abdomen muscles statically, meaning that it won’t require aggressive movements in the mid-section. In short, you do not have to hurt yourself in order to get great abs.

3. It uses electric pulses to stimulate abdominal pulses

The effect of this is that it leads to the contraction of muscles which in turn lead to fat loss in the mid section. The fat present around your belly is often the most dangerous fat and also among the most difficult to get rid of. Through the use flex belts however, you also get to lose these fats aside from getting your dream abs.

4. Light weight

This means that you can wear the belt just about anywhere and whenever you wish to do so. Also, provided you can get to cover your torso with clothing, no one will know that you are wearing it.

5. Appropriate for busy people

Flex belt is a perfect opportunity for busy people who have no time of exercising. You can even wear it in the workplace as it does not interfere with normal movement and function of the body.

Other things that make flex belt great

• Easy to use even for a newbie
• Fast and effective results (changes can be seen in 4-8 weeks only)
• You can engage in other tasks as you lose weight
• Sessions are short
• Medical-grade and FDA approved
• Works great for both novices and experts
• Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Flex Belt Cons

No flex belt reviews can be said to be complete if the cons are not mentioned. The belt, though effective, is not without some flaws. They include:

• Some people see it as being too expensive (at $150 plus the cost of replaceable gel pads which cost $15 apiece).

• No free trial period to people who may want to test it first before purchasing. However, this has been made up for by the 60-day money back guarantee.

• It only burns fat found in the belly section. While the belly fat is obviously the deadliest of all the fats, it is not the only fat that needs shedding especially with regard to maintaining overall good health and achieving your weight loss goals.

What will you get when you order?

When you order one flex belt unit, you will get the following:
• Flex Belt
• Gel pads plus plastic seals
• LCD remote/battery
• AC adaptor
• User manual
• Belt extension and,
• Travel bag

Tips on how to get the most of your Flex Belt

1). Perform some cardio exercises prior to using Flex Belt

This is one of the best ways to use the flex belt. Perform these aerobic exercise prior to and in the course of Flex Belt sessions following the abs routine. Begin with 30 seconds of a continuous exercise you have chosen. Think of jogging around indoor track or even performing simple things like shadow boxing, jumping jacks, running on the spot or rope skipping.

Each time that you perform workout, make sure you have added at least 15 seconds to your cardio exercises. This means that after 1 week, you will be doing two minutes of cardio prior to and two minutes in the course of Flex Belt sessions.

This not only warms your body but also better prepares your core muscles to be ready for electric signals.

2). Clean your stomach

For best results, you need to rid your stomach of any dead skin before you get to wear the Flex Belt.

3). Start with a comfortable intensity

It is best to start with lower intensity and then gradually work your way up

4. Have an interval of 8 hours

Although it is okay to use Flex Belt twice a day, it is important that you have a break of at least eight hours between the two sessions and this is even more important if you are also performing a cardio alongside it.

5. Clean the gel pads using a hand sanitizer and always ensure that after using the gel pads, you cover them using plastic seals.

6). Try portion control

Inasmuch as the Flex Belt will help you lose belly fat, it is not magic wand that you weave and your fat disappears into the thin air. It is very easy to undo all the gains you have made using the Flex Belt by overeating. This is why portion control is of critical importance.

Where to buy Flex Belt online

While there are many online outlets that sell Flex Belt, Amazon remains the most trusted source you want to buy from. Here, you will get discounts, get to see what people are saying about the belt and even take advantage of the occasional free shipping offer. EBay is yet another online retailer that sells these belts. Alternatively, you can also check out the company website for these belts.

Buying It Online

Before opting to buy the belt online, it is advisable that you take a moment to read as many flex belt reviews as possible. From the flex belt reviews, you can get to know their strengths as well as weaknesses. Do proper research before buying as this can help you get a much better deal. While all the flex belt reviews point to the fact that these belts are expensive, they are worth the price because of the fast results that they guarantee.

Final word

From the many flex belt reviews, one thing emerges: the product is worth trying out. A product that has been sold to more than 2 million people certainly is worth a try. And you do not have to worry about losing your money because should the belt not work for you, you will lose nothing as all of your money will be refunded. Individual who want to exercise but who find their schedules much tighter prefer this method to going to the gym because it is not oily fast but also very effective.

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